Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Taking Summer Back.

Things that are hard: long distance relationships.

Things that are really hard: having to leave this guy after an amazing 24 hours together.

There are times when it's easy. There are times when it's really, REALLY hard. The hard days are the worst, obviously. I've found myself relishing any chance I get to stay busy. Meeting? Sure. Workout? Why not? Movie? You better believe it. 

There are days I freak out.. a lot. There are days I'm in a funk. There are days when I go from one emotion to another in a matter of seconds. He is a saint for putting up with it.We've had our moments this summer but that's what happens. You learn to deal with it together. I wish I could say that it's all been rainbows and butterflies but let's be honest--it hasn't. But that's okay. At the end of the day, it makes us stronger and that's what counts. 

There are many things I'm unsure about in my life--where I'll be in the next 5 years, my career, my needs/wants/goals--but what I am sure of is that I love this guy more than I can put into words and right now, that's all I need to know. 

So for now, I'll sit back, relax, enjoy my summer, and count down the days until I see him again. I have 45 days left until he gets back and it's about time I stop being mopey and sad and take back my summer. He doesn't want that and neither do I. :) And besides, I've got a half marathon to train for. ;)


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