Monday, March 12, 2012


I'll begin by saying I've done this millions of times before. Started blogs, got semi interested, and then alas, neglected them a few months in. I use to be dedicated. In fact, at one point I regularly contributed to a blog (Livejournal! ahh!) from age 15 until around 22. That's probably the longest I've kept up with anything... ever. But then, college happened. Well, it happened long before that but by age 22 life became way too fast and hard to keep up with on the internet. And.. I quit. Since then, I've tried numerous times to begin writing again and without fail, ended up tossing them by the wayside. I'd like to say this time will be different but let's be honest--my track record isn't so good. But that being said, we'll see what happens.

So I guess a few questions remain--who am I? Why am I starting a blog.. again? And what exactly am I awakening to? 

To answer the first--I'm a recent college graduate, a recent recipient of my 25th year of life, and a pretty laid back (often confused with boring) former "fun" girl. Okay, I'm still fun but more in more of a grandma sense. If that actually makes sense.Fun for me no longer means staying out until 4AM. Fun now consists of hikes on the weekends, wine tasting with my best friends, dreaming of traveling far, far away from southwest Virginia, learning to "cook" from my boyfriend, listening to Jason Mraz on a random road trip to no where, and slowly but surely appreciating the small things in life. 

Onto the next question--why am I starting another blog? Well..... why not? I like to think I'm at a pretty good place in life and to be honest, have experiences and things I want to remember. I get some of the greatest joy reading back through my livejournal. and knowing exactly what I felt/thought/did during some of the most crucial points during my late teens/early 20s. And plus, I'm human. I want to brag, damnit.

And now the awakening part? I'll let you know when I figure that one out. I'm 25 years old, have a job I adore, friends I love, a boy who makes me happier than I've been in a long time, and a lust for life that I can't put into words.

Let's make this last, okay? 


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