Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Things Friday

God. I'm terrible at writing an actual post. Sometimes it's much easier to write random things going on in my life. Sue me.

So with that rant, let's begin.

1. TODAY = LAST DAY OF CLASSES! Whew. I made it my first full semester in my *new* (well, semi-new now I suppose) job! I don't even want to begin talking about all of the mistakes that were made and agents I frustrated with my lack of knowledge but it's been a great learning experience. And as many tears that were shed, in the end, I still LOVE my job. How many people can say that?

2. I'm running a 5K tomorrow. Have I trained for it? No. Have I ran in 3 months? No. Am I sick? Yes. Will I suffer terribly tomorrow morning? OH YEAH. My attitude? Bring it. I'm kind of marking tomorrow as the "unofficial" start to my half-marathon training. I need to get motivated to start my regular running routine again and what better way than signing up for a race, right? RIIIIIIIGHT. I'll just keep telling myself that. For those that don't know, I love running. Really... I do. But here lately I've loved strength training and cardio classes and boot camp waaaaay more. And to be honest, this is the fittest I've been... well, ever. BUT that being said, I need a lofty goal and something to do this summer while Peter is away so why not train for the longest race of my life? Let's do it.

Peter might disagree with this.. ha.
3. Speaking of Peter, I really like our adventures. Well, I like to deem them adventures... he probably refers to them as "Oh god, what is she making me do now?". ha. ;) Last weekend we helped my parents mulch (okay, maybe that's more like manual labor) and then did a little bit of hiking. I always like to stay active on the weekends and drag him along with me (deep down I know he's thrilled.... ;)) This weekend our plans include his fraternity formal, laying out by the pool and RELAXING (hopefully!), and an as-yet-to-be determined activity for Sunday.. and you better believe it'll be fitness related. :)

4. IT'S DERBY WEEKEND! You can generally only reallllly appreciate this if you're a Kentuckian.... or in my case, your parents are. Pretty much the entirety of my family lives in Louisville (aka, DERBY CENTRAL) so you can only imagine my excitement for Saturday. I've never been to the Derby (definitely on my bucket list... I want a FANCY HAT by god) but always catch it on TV. I don't think my friends really get it but I make/force them to watch anyway. 

5. I <3 Instagram. That's all.

Have a great, safe, active, relaxing.... FUN (!) weekend!


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