Thursday, May 31, 2012


I don't like to brag a WHOLE lot (ha, okay, it's my blog, I'm allowed to do what I want ;)) BUT....


Not that I'm excited or anything, right?! 

Someone the other day asked me what my secret is. And you know what? Deep down that question bothered me.. a LOT. There is no secret. It's called hard work. One of my biggest pet peeves involves  people who try every trick in the book other than eating right and exercising to lose weight. Just do it. It'll make you a stronger person in the long run.. not to mention healthier too. 

Off my soap box now.

But that being said, I've hit a bit of a rut. I've got about 10 more pounds and 4% more body fat I'd like to lose and that's where my goals for the summer really kick into place. And adding on to my exercise goal, I'm going to do this June Ab challenge. Why? Well.. why not? 


At first glance it looks pretty easy but jeeze.. just take a look at Day 30! Pretty excited to try this, not going to lie. My core is definitely something I'd like to improve upon over the summer. I'll keep you updated!

In other developments since we last spoke:

  • I went to the casino last weekend. I won $150. My roommate won $550. Bitch. ;)
  • Tonight I'm going to find out whether I'm going to be babysitting a niece or nephew in my very near future. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm taking Peter to Louisville tomorrow to meet the rest of my crazy family. Oh and attend my cousin's (400 person) wedding. No big deal.
  • Speaking of Peter, I have less than a week left with him until August 20th. Blahhhhh. :(
  • My roommate and I might not be homeless after all! We (HOPEFULLY) found a place to live! Keep your fingers crossed!
  • 90s pandora station is good..... Jimmy Buffet pandora station is BETTER.
  • If we get the new place, I'm going to start biking to work! And clearly investing in a new seat pad. My ass HURTS from riding the past 2 days (TMI?)
  • Saturday night (after getting back from the casino!) I went with my two BFF's to see Legally Blonde: The Musical. Two thumbs up fo'sho! 
  • And now a collection of instagrams from the weekend (I'm obsessed! follow me @sarahc33!)

Time to go! My future niece or nephew is awaiting! :)


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