Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer 2012: GOALS!

So, FYI--summer isn't nearly as fun when you're in the working world. Even so, I'm still pretttttty damn excited. Summer is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year. Hot weather, sunshine, BEACH TIME--it's all my 'ish. I'm totally going to be that old lady who moves to Florida for retirement. Just wait and see. 

Moving on.

I decided that with my boyfriend being away for 2 1/2 months, my best friend moving out for grad school (ALL IN THE SAME WEEK! Yuck!), and my boot camp classes ending until September, I need something to focus on this summer. Hence the creation of a few goals/aspirations for this summer. I'll be the first to admit that I'm terrible at commitment (okay, maybe not on the boyfriend front ;)) and have a hard time keeping up with .... anything. BUT maybe if I make these public I MIGHT feel slightly inclined to work on them. ha.... ;)

So without further ado, my goals for SUMMER2K12.. read 'em and weep baby. ;)

1. Eat I'll be the first to admit, I try my best to eat healthy. Really, I do. In fact, I dramatically changed my eating habits at the beginning of this year and lost 15 pounds! Not bad, right? But with the stress/craziness of the end of the semester, my old eating habits came back to bite me... HARD. I've not gained any weight back (whew!) but I'm definitely feeling sluggish and not at my best so I'm going to make a valiant effort to get back to eating more vegetables, fruits, etc. And.. as much as it pains me to do so, cut back on chocolate. Blah.

2. BE ACTIVE! My whole life is about being active so I don't foresee this as being a problem but I'm making it a goal nevertheless. I want to start biking to work when possible, working out 4-5 times a week (which I already do), walking more, etc. I hate sitting still so this will be good for me.. and keep me from driving my roommate crazy. ;) 

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Isn't this so true thought?!

3. Start half-marathon training. I have no choice here--September 23rd will be here before I know it! Training starts July 1... bring it. As hard as it's going to be, I'm surprisingly looking forward to it. 

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4. Be crafty. Ha. Now THIS one will be hard. I'm not crafty whatsoever. Not to mention I get terribly frustrated when projects take too long (my roommate refuses to let me help her put anything together.. ha). BUT I'd LIKE to be crafty so that counts for something, right? And plus, my office is way to plain. I need to spice it up a bit... feel me?

5. SAVE MONEY! I'm not going to lie, I'm actually pretty good at saving money. Working at a bank for 6 months after graduation was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I learned how to make the most out of my money and saw WAAAAAY to many people who ran out of their own. But I want to save enough to go on a trip to the beach at the end of the summer with Peter, my roommate, and her boyfriend WITHOUT taking money out of my checking or savings account. Hello PB & bread. No shame in my game. ;) 

There you have it. Sure, they're not particularly exciting but they work for me.

Do you have any goals this summer? 


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