Saturday, April 21, 2012

Top 5

Let's say I theoretically had a top 5 list of my favorite things. THEORETICALLY... what would be on it? Hmm...

1. Saturday morning workouts. Seriously. I've always been a workout junkie but since graduating college and really putting a focus on health and healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices, I've come to LOVE waking up early on Saturday mornings and sweating my ass off in the gym. Yeah, I workout 5-6 times a week already but there's something about that Saturday morning workout that gets me jazzed for the weekend. Weird? Maybe. Sometimes close friends get on to me because I've changed a LOT from college.. but seriously. Since when has becoming healthy(er) become a bad thing? Oh well. I'll switch staying up late on Friday night doing who knows what for an early morning butt kicking any day of the week. Bring it. 

2. Adrenaline rushes. Okay, this is something entirely new to me. My entire life up until this point I"ve been the kid who's always been too afraid to do.. practically anything. Seriously. But lately I can't get enough of doing things no one thought I'd ever do. I mean, not trying to brag or anything but.. last week I jumped out of a plane. ;)

Holding snakes? No big deal. Random tattoo outing with my BFFs? Why not. Who knew?!

3. Spending quality time with the BF. For the sake of not sounding overly cheesy... I like spending time with him. We have a good time and he's constantly challenging me to be better. And plus he can cook.

4. Chocolate. I'm a girl. I have needs. Chocolate is one of them. No shame in my game.

Umm... someone want to be nice and make these for me??? PLEASE. 

5. My cat Furby. I have no pictures. I have no reasoning. Is it weird that my cat is one of my top 5 favorite things? Am I going to turn into a cat lady? Are you getting tired of me asking rhetorical questions yet? 

Alright. Off to go be a good maid of honor. I'm in Alabama ya'll! 

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