Monday, May 21, 2012

Ideal Weekend.

The countdown has officially begun. Only 2 full weeks left with Peter before he leaves for camp. I'm not a happy camper...ha. Get it?
I know he's only gone for a little over 2 months but I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of attached to the kid. And let's be honest, weekends like this past one don't make it much easier to say goodbye (or see you later).

He's officially educated! :)

I can't even begin to describe the amount of fun I had this weekend. My family + his family + friends = a good time. And for the record, his family is great. Better than great actually. I was so nervous to meet the rest of them but they're so similar to my family it was.. easy. Which I'd like to think is a good thing.

Peter and I were up extra early on Saturday--him to get ready to walk across the stage, me to schmooze with a bunch of pretty important people and pin the graduates. Have I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE graduation? It brought back flashbacks for me from last year! I remember decorating caps with Chiz & Anna, waking up early for our attempt at kegs & eggs (which ended up consisting of me taking two sips of beer just to say I did it), taking a million (and I mean a MILLION) pictures, walking across the stage, and having an awesome after party at my house. It was one of my favorite days, period, and it was fun to go through the same thing all over again--this time with the person I'm closest to.

But seriously--the weekend was amazing. As soon as graduation was over I packed up my cookie dough balls (uhhh AMAZING--will definitely be making them again!) and headed over to the "shack", aka Peter's place/my parents backyard, and spent the rest of the day chatting away, enjoying the sunshine, eating delicious food, and playing corn hole until my arms were sore. It was literally the perfect summer Saturday afternoon.

Later that night after the party died down a bit, one of Peter's fraternity brothers/one of my oldest college friends came over with his girlfriend. We sat on the porch of the shack and reminisced for 2 hours or so--we talked about the past, the future, how fast time flies, and the irony of it all. He was leaving on Sunday to move to Charlotte with the GF and who knows when we'll get to see him next. Homecoming? He came into school with me and one of our first weekends in college, we partied at my parents house while they were conveniently out of town so it was only appropriate that we ended at the same place we started.

As soon as they left, we pretty much passed out immediately.

Sunday was much of the same. Peter & I  generally try and find SOMETHING active to do but after debating for a good half hour on what we could get into, we both decided that a lazy day consisting of corn hole, ladder board, and laying by the pool best suited our needs.

In our defense however we did go to boot camp later that night and got a pretty decent ass kicking. He generally helps out with B.C. but decided to join in on the fun last night so it was fun to compete with him during the exercises. :) (I'm way too competitive for my own good!)

Afterward we settled into our "normal" nightly escapades--dinner and a movie. Peter still doesn't have cable so I'm pretttttty sure I've seen almost every DVD in the Redbox at the CVS down the street. Last night we settled on "The Rum Diaires" (?) with Johnny Depp. Ahh. Not bad, not particularly good either but it did the trick. We also grilled out on Peter's new graduation gifted grill (how's THAT for alliteration?) and ate on the deck. A pretty ideal Sunday if I do say so myself.

Guess I better not get to use to it, eh? Or I need to find a hobby to keep me busy on the weekends. Any suggestions?!

Needless to say, I was by no means ready for the weekend to end. But seeing this on the way home this morning certainly helped brighten my spirits for the upcoming week--

And plus I have a four day weekend to look forward to that involves a casino trip on Friday and Legally Blonde the musical on Saturday... not to mention a free day off on Monday for Memorial Day. I can dig it.

Have a great week!


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