Monday, June 18, 2012

Going for the Goals, Week 2

Peanut Butter and Jenny

Wow, first of all, I did an absolutely terrible job of updating my blog last week. Yikes. Maybe I need to add that to this week's list?

Anyway, I have to admit, I did pretty well during Week 1! There were a few slip-ups but otherwise, I'd like to give myself a solid B for this week--not too shabby, eh? 

Last Week's Goals:

Workout 5 out of 7 days this week. Knocked this one out of the park! I did something active every. single. day! My co-workers and I did Insanity Monday-Thursday (I LOVED IT! We are continuing this week!), Friday I went on a 3 mile morning walk before work, Saturday I ran in a 5K (and won my age group!), and then last night after a nice (and way too indulgent) Father's Day dinner, I went on another 3 mile walk. I'm definitely proud of my progress! 

EAT HEALTHY! Alright. I did really, REALLY well on this during the actual work week. I made healthy decisions and no chocolate/cookies/cakes period! However.... the weekend. Yeah, it wasn't so kind. I didn't do TERRIBLE but I definitely could have eaten better. No worries. Everyone needs to indulge a little, right?! :) And umm, hello. Who can pass up chocolate pie? Not this kid. ;)
Cook a meal for myself. Do sandwiches count? This one didn't happen.. period. ha. Oh well. 
Do something creative. At first, I thought I epically failed on this one too. But then I realized I spent my ENTIRE weekend being creative! One of my hidden (very hidden) talents is cake decorating! My mom and dad own a couple of Dairy Queen's (cool, right?!) and Father's Day is a HUGE weekend for ice cream cake so my mom asked if I could help out and of course I obliged.

Now onto this week's goals--

1. Eat Healthy! I think this is a good one to repeat. I'm going to try, try, try again. It will be made slightly more difficult thanks to a short vacation to San Antonio with my sister Wednesday-Sunday but I'll see what I can do.
2. Exercise 5 of 7 days. Again no need to stop the momentum. And plus, I get a sick joy out of exercising on vacation. It makes me feel even more accomplished, ya know? I plan on doing Insanity today and tomorrow and then will be resorting to running/Nike Training Club the rest of the week. 
3. PACK!!! I'm moving out of my apartment and into a new one next MONDAY and umm, yeah.I've not packed a single thing. Whoops. 
4. Try something new. Can be anything--food, activity, color... I just want to be adventurous. Bring it on San Antonio.
5. Write Peter a letter. My goal over the course of the summer is to get something in the mail to him each week. Last week I sent him a sappy card. :)

There you have it. Not overly ambitious for the most part right now but definitely goals I will have to make a conscious effort to reach. 

Anyone else have similar goals to mine? 

Have a wonderful week everyone! :)



  1. I always feel so much MORE accomplished when I work out on vacation. Good for you for keeping to your goals!! :)

  2. working out on vacation definitely makes the entire day 10x better! and thanks! :)