Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summertime and the Livin's Easy... Sort of.

I love summer. It's always been my favorite season... ALWAYS. I love the heat, sunshine, afternoon thunderstorms, pool sittin'.. basically, if it were a man, I'd probably marry him. True story.

But... something's off this year. Or.. more like.. someone is missing.

Peter. :(


I won't lie, I've always been very, VERY independent. I like my alone time. I like venturing off to places on my own and figuring things out as I go. I've never been one to get tied down to something or get particularly attached to someone. But... he's different.

All of the sudden I find myself doing things while he's gone and thinking, "Man.. if Peter were here this would be so much better!" or going to Subway (our FAVORITE!) and thinking how much more enjoyable the food would be if he were sitting there with me.

Our "marriage" toast ;)

It kind of blows.

BUT that being said, I think yesterday I finally hit the point where the missing part is slowly but surely getting easier. I'm finding ways to fill up my time (I hate sitting around doing nothing anyway!), I have a move on the horizon, I'll be in San Antonio spending time with my sister starting tomorrow, I have my best friend's birffffday to look forward to next Thursday, and best of all... I'm going to visit him two weeks from today. :)

And you know what? All of this "alone" time really isn't that bad at all anymore. And I'll be honest, it's not really "alone"--that kind of makes me sound like I'm stuck in a cave with no communication to the outside world whatsoever. I promise I haven't QUITE gotten to that point yet! I'm working out (a LOT!), hanging out with coworkers/friends, planning fun trips, trying my hand at crafting, focusing on decorating my new room, finding new ways to get involved in the community, and just overall bettering myself. Because that's what ballers do.. ya know?

Won my age group!
When you lose your built-in best friend for a few months, you have to find ways to fill in the time you spent with him. :)

And you know what's really fun? Writing him letters. Letter writing is seriously a lost art form. We MAYBE get to talk 15-20 minutes via text at night when he's doing lights out rounds for campers and there's no cell service (we throw a call in when we can!) so letters are a good way to tell him all of the small, mundane things that are going on in my life that otherwise I'd rather not waste time talking to him about at night.

So.. maybe I'll survive summer 2012 after all. ;)


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  1. i think your love is inspiring :) long distance is the hardest thing ever when you truly love someone but sometimes we're lucky enough to find guys who are worth all the suckiness of it aha